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In January, after the Christmas break, the majority of us were considering how to lose the gained weight, the result of days and days of the endless eating that goes together with the other traditions in that period of the year. A good number of this majority, however, were contextually thinking that spring and summer were far away and the problem could be postponed.

Unfortunately, I have bad news: spring is “round the corner”, it’s coming in a very few days. But don’t worry too much, the good news is that, to get fit again, you can avoid buying a gym membership and practise fitness anywhere. An example of this is presented in one of Reebok’s ambient marketing campaigns.

In Colombia, Reebok have managed to turn some of the bus stops and other parts of the city environment into a sort of mini-fitness centre in the open air. The ambient marketing campaign, under the headline “The gym is everywhere”, consisted in personalising some spots around the cities of Bogotà and Cali in order to let Reebook’s potential clients appreciate the possibility of being active even while they’re waiting the bus.

A smart idea to remind everyone that a little exercise every day helps to maintain a healthy body and a creative mind.

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