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Run to mum on Mother’s Day

In UK, the 26th of March – as well as being my birthday 😉 – will be Mother’s Day, so when I came across the commercial created a few months ago by Hop! Air France I thought it would be perfect to celebrate all the mums and spread a message of love with a touch of sharp irony. Hop! Air France, in fact, seems to have launched an advertising campaign with the aim to persuade daughters and sons to “Run to mum”.

“Run to mum” is a brand initiative as smart as it is cunning. The idea is for the parents to buy a discount card valid on all Hop! Air France national flights delivering it to their kids with a fantastic pair of trainers… well, half a pair, actually!

That gesture should persuade sons and daughters to “come back home” soon, despite the end of holiday celebrations. The result appears guaranteed by the remaining shoe that will wait for them at home, together with their parents.


A creative and funny idea, don’t you think?
Anyway, don’t abandon your mum on Mother’s Day… especially if she has bought you a new pair of sneakers! 😉

P.S. Mum, I’ll be home on the 26th, don’t worry, you’ll have a double Mother’s Day [English and Italian] this year, I promise! 😀

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