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How to make finance entertaining

State Farm, a group of insurance and financial services companies in the United States, have created a miracle: they’ve managed to turn advice and tricks related to finance and daily budget management into something that appears to be entertaining and fun. How could this be possible? Read the post to know more.

The communication operation that State Farm have been able to accomplish is amazing. Thanks to a deep, complex and very smart analysis of their targets and the online contents that these audiences enjoy the most, State Farm have created a series of audiovisual branded contents which are both fun and entertaining, even if related to financial issues.

To involve and engage the “ordinary people” included in their potential market, the brand have decided to focus on sharing with them important and simple tips about the management of costs, expenses, credits and budget in everyday life. The problem is that usually this kind of content is perceived as tremendously boring if not annoying. The great idea of State Farm, therefore, has been to create a series of videos in which each one apes the style of a different online trendy viral video transforming them into financial tutorials. The result is unbelievable.

An ingenious idea to increase knowledge while drastically reducing the complexity and the boredom, don’t you think?

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