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Sleeping like a baby

As the proverb affirms “In April sleep is sweet”. The spring has just begun to warm the air, nature is a triumph of flowers and greenery, we feel more relaxed and… tired, as if we could sleep forever under the blankets. IKEA, as usual, is trying to help us by providing – according to their commercial – furniture so comfortable we will feel re-born each morning.

IKEA has launched, in fact, an advertising campaign focused on the promotion of their product line for the bedroom. The idea is that, if your bed and the furniture of your room are exactly as you wish and like, you can sleep like a baby at night and wake up feeling like a brand new person, completely rested as if re-born.


The way in which IKEA succeed in communicating the relaxation, the comfort and the deep quietness is really convincing. The entire video’s structure, from the soundtrack to the colour palette, from the characters to the sequences of activities, make the audience perceive the absence of stress in the atmosphere, the delight and pleasure that such a similar lifestyle can introduce in the everyday.

A cute and delicate storytelling, don’t you think?

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