Barkod - advertising campaign

Against DIY

This and the months that are to come are supposed to be the perfect time of year for the ones that love DIY. The climate starts to become less rainy, the days are much longer, the free time appears to multiply and lots of us feel a certain need to change and modify our habitat. All this DIY desire, however, often brings a certain amount of troubles: Barkod İç Mimarlık have created an advertising campaign to discourage this trend in favour of a more cautious change management.

Barkod İç Mimarlık are a Turkish brand specialising in ready-to-use furniture. Their idea has been to stress the little damages caused by incorrect DIY in order to promote their products and let their target forget the assembling part without renouncing the renovation process of their houses.

The headline “Don’t hurt yourself when assembling furniture. Try our ready to use furniture.” explicitly highlights the visuals that show scratches, bruises and small wounds obtained handling and using tools. In this way the protagonist of each of the three creative subjects certainly is one of Barkod’s pieces of furniture, even if presented as a pack shot of some sort.

Barkod - advertising campaign

I’d prefer the scratches actually, but I have to say that their attempt is admirable, don’t you think?

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