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Canon have had an astonishing idea to demonstrate to their potential customers how strongly they can rely on the performance of one of their products, the Canon Image Class. They’ve organised a marvellous ambient marketing campaign based on experiential branding that links creatively printing and playing music. Can you believe it? Read more to discover some details.

Canon’s idea is focused on the importance of timing and high quality definition while printing. To demonstrate this, they’ve used lateral thinking in order to develop an ambient marketing campaign. The campaign’s aim is to show the brand experience related to their Image Class product in a very original way. So, involving a real conductor, Eric V. Hachikian, and his orchestra Canon have asked them to perform Beethoven’s 7th Symphony using live printed music sheets. Have a look at the video to see the result.

With that location, that atmosphere, that soundtrack, it had to be a magic moment for anyone who was lucky enough to be there, listening to the symphony while watching the printers performing perfectly in time: it would have taken only a very little delay to cause a disaster in terms of perception with all the magic falling apart and the products discredited… but it didn’t happen, everything runs smoothly and perfectly.

A great idea for a really enjoyable brand experience, don’t you think?

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