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The importance of your domain name

Choosing the right name for your business is fundamental, and just as important as that is to be able to buy the correct and related domain name in order to build up a personalised space online for presenting and spreading it. The fact is that sometimes the domain isn’t available anymore. Squarespace reminds you to “Get your domain before it’s gone” with their ironic, sharp and amazing commercial.

For a brand, a name is often like a diamond: it is forever. It is not always easy to decide or otherwise arrange for the change without risking serious damage to its recognition and visibility to the acquired target. The choice of name is therefore something that must be weighed up seriously and entrusted to someone competent who will not forget to consider everything during the search for its definition… especially the availability of the related domain.

Squarespace have had the idea to show their potential customers how it feels when you discover that the perfect domain for representing your project or business online has been taken already. The company have chosen John Malkovich to be the testimonial of their advertising campaign… and the result is obviously very entertaining.


Sometimes situations like that just happen, other times – as in the John Malkovich case – it would be possible to prevent them with just the correct timing, but often they are caused by having chosen the name of the brand without a proper, complete, previous research, underestimating the difficulty that there is in this type of creativity – not being able to perceive how many variables should be considered simultaneously during the process of creating a name for something.

Many are the questions to be answered by the creative called to advance the phase of naming, questions that people not specialised might not know or can not guess. Since the name is what your customers will use the most to recall your brand, are you really sure you want to choose one at random and leave it up to chance? Maybe it’s worth more reflection, don’t you think?

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