Sainsbury's - advertising campaign

Cooking and dancing

Sainsbury’s have had a brilliant idea. With the aim to highlight their values, the atmosphere their products can bring into every home and their customer-types, they have created a very appealing advertising campaign which is both entertaining and enjoyable. The headline is “Food dancing”, and I think no one can resist its rhythm.

Realised as if it was a video created by selecting assembling and mounting different amateur short movies, Sainsbury’s advertising campaign appears to be fresh, joyful and spontaneous. Even if it isn’t – and that is clear if one pays attention to the part in which the dancers are all together, making a fantastic choreography in the same marvellous technologically staged location – it doesn’t matter, it is too catchy and engaging to care about that.

The attention to detail Sainbury’s have put in this commercial is amazing: from the shape of the images, some of them look as if they were taken with a smartphone; to the extreme variety of different people involved, to represent as precisely as possible the huge differentiated [for age, colour, body-type, habits, status…] audience that the supermarket chain aims to reach with their offer. Everything is carefully thought out, defined and pictured in the short video.
Fantastic, don’t you think?

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