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General Electric vs. the ring of a bell

Apparently there is an English expression – I’ve just learned it – that says “You can’t unring a bell” meaning that you cannot change something that happened in the past. General Electric have decided to challenge this traditional saying organising an ambient marketing experiment and use it as a metaphor of their brand experience.

General Electric have the needs to create a campaign in order to underline their values, their approach to the future and their being creative and endlessly curious about new contexts and findings. The brand have decided to achieve these goals through an experiment that would show and demonstrate their ability with problem solving, their caring for technology and innovation, their research and development interests aimed to obtain a more comfortable life for their customers.

The idea has been to start from an English dictum “You can’t unring a bell”, to take is as a challenge and finally establish that even what usually seems to be impossible can be turned into “un-impossible” using the right know-how. Watch the video to understand how.

The experiment/commercial ends with a provocation “If we can unring a bell, imagine the other impossible things we can do”. This line seems to anticipate the seriality of the campaign which would make the audience increase their trust related to the brand. It seems so crystal clear that it’s “impossible” to object, don’t you think?

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