Royal Life Saving - social campaign

Safe and smart idea for swimming pools

Royal Life Saving have had the idea of launching a very clever social campaign. It’s focused on safeguarding swimming safety and it uses WIFI passwords at public swimming pools with the aim of encouraging parents to watch their children, instead of their phone. An easy campaign to put into practice and that would be worth copying!

With the increase of mobile phone usage for… almost everything, these are becoming a strong source of distraction in lots of situation. One above all, at least in Australia, is the supervision of children at public swimming pools. To prevent and fight this bad attitude, Royal Life Saving have created a really interesting and smart awareness campaign.

Considering the fact that lots of swimming pools offer “free wi-fi” for their guests, they have transformed the wi-fi password into a new media to communicate with the customers and ask them to pay attention and supervise their kids while they are swimming or playing near the water. Here is the video-synthesis with the details.

Very clear, sharp, impossible not to notice. The message is spread turning a means of distraction into a reminder of responsibility in a very discrete way, without being too aggressive or scary. Well designed/made, don’t you think?

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