Help a Dane [post for the Brits]

Today it’s officially summer! With it we’ll experience hot temperatures, sunny days and the uncontainable desire to travel and relax. Even if in the UK we cannot take the first two points for granted, certainly it’s impossible to miss the third one. So, I’m here today to share and spread the appeal sponsored by Denmark, but hoping that it would help the British people too. The appeal, in fact, focuses on asking support for Danish – people with a very delicate skin, like lots of British [and me] – and help them get back home safe and sound after their holidays abroad.

Denmark, and particularly the Danish Cancer Society, addresses its social campaign to Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Thailand with targeted messages recorded in the respective languages. The aim is to raise awareness in support of Danish citizens on vacation in these places and obtain some help in reminding them … the shade, the sun hat and the sunscreen. Yeah, exactly!

The message is very serious, so the language is formal, as is the setting of the speaker. But the Danish Cancer Society have well understood that to ensure their appeal was heard, it was necessary to make it interesting, as well as contextually accurate. And I think the result speaks for itself: a beautifully engineered, highly informative, in lay language and clear awareness campaign, but the irony and visual hyperbole of Danes fried by the sun are the elements that make it impossible to forget.
Creative and useful [for Brits with delicate skin too], practically perfect, don’t you think?

For those who haven’t had enough or want to help spread the message in other languages, here you can watch all the videos. 🙂

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