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A more empathic washing machine [Samsung]

Have you ever experienced that deep sense of impotence that occurs when you have just pressed the “start” button of your washing machine, the programme has started, the water is flowing, the clothes start to “drown” and… suddenly you discover a fallen sock on the floor or maybe you remember that pair of trousers you’d meant to wash? I have. But apparently, thanks to Samsung and their new model of washing machine, these times are almost at an end. How? Keep reading to discover it! 😉

Samsung have launched a brand new washing machine that allows you to introduce articles from your wardrobe into the white goods at any moment of the washing cycle. It’s called “addwash” the system that would solve that sense of impotence we were talking about and transform your appliance into a more empathic one.

The radio advertising campaign well describes the agony of “the washer” when it is far too late to add something to a “standard” washing machine. The commercial highlights the sound of the white goods as a satisfied, selfish, not-listening monologue of the sadistic appliance: that expedient creates a link between the creative concept of the ad, the voices that represents the characters and the possible buyer. The results are, on one hand, the [re]discovery of “that sense of impotence”, on the other hand, the relaxed feeling that follows the intuition “the fallen sock” is a battle that is possible to win.

Ironic, empathic and close to the customers’ needs, a good advertising campaign and an interesting product, don’t you think?

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