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Save pizza from climate change

Often, people tend to perceive world problems such us starvation, war or global warming as issues far away from daily life. Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has planned a serial social campaign as terrific as terrifying, able to relate the consequences of climate change with elements of ordinary life: pizza, for example. How? Keep reading to discover more.

Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change have the goal to increase awareness, as well as engage people in taking under control the effects of climate change. They have understood that, to reach these goals, it’s necessary to make people realise how much they are affected and involved in this theme.

The concept of the serial campaign, in fact, aims to link the perceived “far away” problem with objects and situations “very close” to the values and interests of the majority. From pizza [don’t know about you, but I can’t live without it] to wine, from snow to ski, from man cave to fishing stories, the commercials focus on small but important experience for everyone.


The videos are as simple and funny as powerful and inspiring. A very well designed campaign, don’t you think?

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