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Have a good holiday [with HomeAway or not]!

As every year, my blog and I take a vacation for August… I’ll be working anyway because I enjoy going on holiday when the majority are back at work, but I’ll take a break from blogging. I cannot leave you without another inspiring advertising campaign to watch: this time it has been created by HomeAway, just to stay in theme, and it’s a kind of a wish for your holiday. Have a great time and “see” you all in September! 🙂

HomeAway’s advertising campaign is funny, creative, suggestive and full of rhythm. The idea is to stress all the boring, nasty, unpleasant things that can happen during the daily working life suggesting that all of them can be completely forgotten by making the right choice during the vacation period, a choice without compromises. Take a look and do your best to accomplish the same atmosphere and mood your way. I’m going to!


Enjoy your time away from work as much as possible while waiting for the next post in September! 😉

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