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Lunchtime is coming… [KFC]

Do you watch Game of Thrones, the fascinating TV series that is able to mix and match a variety of fiction genres and still remain enjoyable? If you are part of its audience and even more if you are an addicted fan, you can really appreciate the humorous parody of one of the iconic scenes of season 6 recreated by KFC for their advertising campaign in order to launch a new product.

In order to launch their new menu consisting of chicken with rice, the creative minds at KFC have created a masterpiece of ironic parody funding a well-designed connection between two elements that seemed impossible to relate: the chicken fast food and Game of Thrones. The plot is more or less the following.
“Lunchtime is coming. And when it comes, a horde of hungry people break into the KFC fast food ready to order and quickly obtain their chicken with fries. Only one man can hold them back…” Ring a bell? 😀

For those who have not had the chance to enjoy the original scene, here it is. 😉

Amazing use of lateral thinking in finding the link between two such different realities. Interesting adaptation of the script with the support of a very good direction of the commercial that make the scene more assimilable, closer to the original.
A great idea and a very well done job, don’t you think?

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