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For bookworms

Are you a bookworm? Do you keep going day and night if the novel you are reading is engaging enough to keep you unaware of what’s happening in your surroundings? If so, Knigosvet were thinking of you when they decided how to launch and promote their new lamp.

Knigosvet, a lamp producer from Bulgaria, launched their new light designed to allow bookworms to read even in completely dark environments. The advertising campaign for the brand new product consists of a commercial clearly aimed to develop in viewers a deep sense of empathy.

The storytelling plot is structured so as to give ample space to the definition of what being a passionate reader would mean: the crazy attraction felt for the book, the devouring curiosity, the sense of remoteness from reality and the feeling of being part of the story, the necessity to read and live again and again certain passages. Then, and just then, the product is unveiled. A soft, inspiring approach, don’t you think?


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