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DIY with a left shoe [BMW]

From the automotive point of view, if you don’t use your left shoe to engage the manual transmission, what is it for? Considering they are offering the automatic transmission for free and the consequent uselessness of the left shoes, BMW Netherland have created an ambient marketing campaign, one that’s very interesting for industrial design and art amateurs [who are part of the aimed-target, of course].

Some months ago BMW Netherland started including in the price of every new cars the automatic transmission in order to expand their brand awareness – and their market – among the “urban, trendier demographic”, the ones that usually don’t consider the automatic transmission because of the price. To be sure that this offer would reach a high level of visibility among their prospects, the automotive brand have created – in partnership with upcoming Dutch designer duo Annebel & Esther – a one-of-a-kind collection.

The protagonist of that collection, quite obviously, has been the leftover left shoe, transformed into marvellous and inspiring pieces of furniture: fantastic items of design obtained as if they were DIY projects made of recycling material. Have a look at the video to enjoy those creations.

Amazing ambient marketing strategy, as green as it’s well targeted, don’t you think?

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