Smart - advertising campaign

Parking problems [Smart]

This summer I learned that parking a car is a nightmare also for the Brits. Maybe the situation is less chaotic than in Italy and the practice of double or even triple parking is uncommon, but even in UK to find a parking slot is a sort of miracle, and an expensive one considering that anyway free parking seems something that doesn’t exist.

So, when I spotted this advertising campaign created by Smart, my first thought was of course related to my life in Rome before 2007, when I was still a car owner and I used to spend no less than 40 minutes looking for a place to leave my car, but that was followed by the fresh nightmare of parking in Bath, UK, this June – 50 minutes of memories.

Anyway, Smart have once again decided to focus and underline the fact that with their Fortwo model the chances of finding a parking slot are obviously higher and the time the search would need very much less. This time the brand have used a very powerful idea to let their potential customers understand that concept: the opportunities they risk missing out on.

Smart - advertising campaign

An accident at home, a lost opportunity to impress someone, the missed chance to have a better choice… three situations, three little tragedies, other than the waste of time one could spend better anyway. Three metaphors very vividly pictured despite the extreme synthesis of the body copy. They are able to spread a bit of sadness helped by the greyness of background and lettering… just the little car parked between two of the words pepper the context with a bit of colour, restoring a certain hope inside the viewer’s mind. Sly, don’t you think?

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