Riga Motor Museum - brand experience

Riga Motor Museum brand experience

In order to raise their awareness among tourists and make their presence in the city more desirable, Riga Motor Museum have planned a surprising ambient marketing campaign focused on testing the brand experience with a glimpse of heritage marketing strategy. Curious? Continue reading.

Riga Motor Museum, probably in partnership with Bellevue Hotel, have designed and implemented a very interesting campaign that mixes the ambient marketing approach with the heritage marketing one to obtain an unforgettable test of their brand experience. Try to imagine… an old-fashion lackey waiting for you in the hall of your hotel offering you an adventure in a “taxi” as if it was a blind-date and then… watch the video to see how it ends. 😉


Certainly a very different way to have a tour of the city: a magnificent vintage car and an enthusiastic guide. Then, be left inside a gorgeous museum full of other amazing vintage cars. For someone, a dream. For the lucky ones that were guests of the Bellevue Hotel that day, a fantastic surprise. In general, a well done strategy to revitalise the museum’s brand, don’t you think?

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