AHM Insurance - advertising campaign

AHM insurance vs. Daily small inattentions

Are you careless? Well, everyone can have one or more moments of oversight that can cause small but painful consequences. Considering that, AHM insurance have decided to launch a series of service packages aimed at supporting careless people and the ones that want to prevent any kind of little health accident. Then, they spread them thanks to a creative advertising campaign.

To obtain the right amount of visibility for their service packages, AHM insurance have created a series of three quite funny commercials. The concept is focused on stressing the idea that in everyday life you can inadvertently cause yourself a small health problem just because you didn’t pay attention to what you were doing.

Now, take this boring concept, find some absurd-but-frequently-happening situations, describe them with a serious but hilarious tone of voice, add some images that can help to exactly visualise the context, but with a hyperbolic twist… and this is more or less the advertising campaign you can obtain.


Sharp, smart and funny, as well as clear and effective, don’t you think?

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