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This year Abloy celebrate their 110th anniversary and Finland’s most noticeable invention: the lock. In order to solemnise the occasion, the company has created a very entertaining piece of branded content, an advertising campaign focused on storytelling about “The Immortal Mr. Henriksson”.

Abloy’s advertising campaign has the aim to highlight the heritage and magnify the achievements of the brand during the last 110 years on the market starting from remembering and commemorating Mr. Henriksson, inventor and improver of the lock with a key to open it.

As the commercial’s storytelling underlines, Mr. Henriksson was the mechanic, artist, traveller and problem solver that was able to answer one of the most widespread needs of modern society: how to keep things safe and secure. His invention has been greatly appreciated and variously used over time and in the video Abloy make the audience understand that they are working on improving and modernising the Henriksson’s lock, transforming it into a virtual and invisible mechanism with the same function: “securely secure” our stuff.


The story and its plot is interestingly built; the narrator and his tone of voice are inspiring; rhythm and images complete the picture perfectly. All of those characteristics make Abloy’s advertising campaign a very well done brand storytelling with a heritage marketing approach, don’t you think?

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