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Be prepared to go on holiday

What’s the difference between your ordinary daily life and you being on holiday? Eurostar have made a quite accurate synthesis of what we can call – and they call – “the travel state of mind”. And with a few days to separate us from the Christmas break, it can be useful to keep in mind the few “rules” they point out. 😉

The personal way to approach the day may vary a lot between the everyday life and the life when we are on holiday or just travelling [even if for business purposes]. The Eurostar commercial translates this difference in the concept of “the travel state of mind”. It’s the condition in which one finds him/herself conceiving things in a new way, it’s how one sees the world when travelling. There are six principles included in Eurostar’s advertising campaign to describe “the travel state of mind” [and, actually, using them even in the daily life would be great too]:

  1. pack small to live big
  2. ask the local instead of your phone
  3. lunch longer
  4. bring back more than just a tan
  5. remember to look up
  6. say “yes” and see what happens

Watch the video and memorise them: they could be very helpful during the Christmas break.

An interesting conceptualisation that help people visualise what can be related to Eurostar’s brand experience, don’t you think?

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