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How to get through winter

Today, when the exclamation “Winter is coming!” has never been so true, I’d love to share one of the past promotional campaigns created by I chose the one they used to launch the initiative “Winter Swear Jar”, a new way to help Canadians to better tolerate their cold winter. The campaign is a bit old but it has the ability to vividly summarise the concept of “winter” and perfectly relate to this time of the year.

Tomorrow, winter will officially start. Even if in my opinion November has to be considered the worst month of the whole year and November has been already over for a while, winter is still a tough period to get through. So, when I discovered last year promotional campaign, the commercial had three results on me: relief for not being in Canada [sorry guys but it’s too cold up there!], a comforting smile and the hope that someone else in the UK hotel industry would be so kind to copy the idea.

Essentially, last winter, created a virtual jar in which they accumulate “a quarter” every time a Canadian was swearing online about the freezing weather. Every time the “Winter Swear Jar” reached a thousand dollars, sent one exhausted from the cold, freezing Canadian somewhere very warm. But the video explains the process in a more appealing way…

Gorgeous idea, full of the sarcasm and irony which I like. How about you?

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