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Nobody loves doing dishes

NOBODY loves doing dishes, especially around Christmas when hordes of relatives and friends are unavoidably attending and sharing each meal of the day, multiplying enormously the quantity of dishes to wash. Even Finish, the star specialised in dishwashing detergent, have admitted that and have transformed it in a commercial. Watch the video, if you don’t believe me!

Finish have collected and summarised all the worst reasons why it is inevitable that every rational person ends up hating doing the dishes. Then, with tons of creativity and a good inclination to dramatise and hyperbolise with irony, the brand have transformed the issue into a musical, a musical that they have used as an advertising campaign.

Even if you – like me – don’t have a dishwasher, you have to admit that this Finish commercial is an enjoyable masterpiece of advertising. And due to the rhythm, it’s perfect for Christmas time, don’t you think? 😀

P.S. Personally, I distrust and profoundly suspect the people that are able to look straight into your eyes and candidly affirm “I LOVE doing dishes… and ironing too… It relaxes me!”. In my opinion that’s impossible for a human being. So, immediately the question in my mind becomes: are they aliens or just great liars? Now, raise your hand if you love doing dishes.

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