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Keep wondering

You don’t know yet, but among my resolutions for the New Year that I wish myself the most is to keep wondering, to be surprised and curious, to be able to look at things as if it was the first time I discovered them. Heathrow Airport in one of their latest commercials have expressed this wish perfectly.

Heathrow Airport, in order to celebrate their 70+ years in the market, have created an amazingly poetic advertising campaign. The touching commercial focuses on the incredible magical atmosphere anyone can experience in the places – such as airports – where people become closer.

“Wonderers” is more than a commercial, it’s a beautiful piece of brand entertainment able to catch the viewers attention, to create empathy and to let the message arrive strong and clear, and nevertheless gently inspiring: “keep wondering”!


A genius way to communicate the Heathrow Airport intended brand experience, but can it be consistent with the actual perceived one?

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