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For the ones wishing a better job

This post is dedicated to those who are bored and annoyed by their actual job, it’s for those who wish for a better job this new year. For you, I selected the waking up advertising campaign created by PNet a few months ago: this should help you visualise your actual condition and understand that “a better job is waiting”, as the headline recites.

Let me make a premise. Considering that the average life expectancy for a healthy person is 80, research by London Metropolitan University has affirmed that in UK usually 12 years of life are spent at work, 15 months of them will be over the hours agreed in the contract. In particular, British workers use 4 years of their life talking on the phone at the office and another 2 years involved in corporate meetings, with more than 6 months wasted on pointless discussions. Other than that, from a Toshiba survey, it’s possible to state that Britons waste more than a year and a half commuting, plus 588 days driving or sitting on a means of public transport. [via]

That said, everyone should do his/her best to have a job that s/he likes, everyone deserves a rewarding way to spend all that working time. The PNet advertising campaign visually represents how one is possibly feeling when involved and trapped in a boring, annoying and unsatisfactory job. The brand aims to push their prospects in looking for a better job avoiding waiting for the right moment because that moment has arrived. So do I! 🙂


Well done Pnet! Good luck to all!

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