Business etiquette [guest post by Ellie Summers]

You know they say you have seven seconds to make a good first impression? And then there’s the other adage “First impressions last”. Combine these two and your first few moments during a business meeting become crucial to your future success. And this thought may cause you some anxiety. Are you adept at hiding this?

Why should you care? Isn’t it better to be truthful? No. Not when you need to impress colleagues or partners, so they put their trust in you. Your insecurity can cause distrust in your abilities. They may find someone else to fulfil your role. Self-assurance is only one important characteristic you should portray in the business world. What about respect, dealing with frustration and trust?

Did you know your body can communicate all these – and their opposites – in an instant? Now you know why you hate working with someone who rolled their eyes at you. Perhaps you fear your boss when you see hands clenched in anger. But which of your habits also keep people at a distance? This is not conducive to business success. And your eyes, hands and body can be the culprits.

That’s why you need this helpful infographic by Swiss Canadian Capital. What kind of impression do you want to leave? See which of these bad habits you have. Now change them.

Business Etiquette - infographic

Author: Ellie Summers

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