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The coffee taproom [Nescafe]

Nescafé have introduced to their offer an amazing value added service for their American consumers: the Nescafé coffee taproom. It’s an initiative based on the ambient marketing approach that’s able to add value to the Nescafé brand experience, building loyalty through the existing customers of the company.

Considering that Nescafé make products that allow people to prepare a perfect cup of coffee at home, the challenge for the brand is to strengthen the relationship with its consumers when they aren’t at home. One of the moments in which the use of Nescafé products is more threatened is when their customers feel the need for a change of location, the urge to hang out with friends or just to change the air and go working or studying somewhere else… and what better environment to relax in, concentrate more and meet friends than a coffee shop?

So, Nescafé have decided to improve their brand experience extending their offer with a very valuable added service, their own chain of cafeteria, or better, coffee taprooms. Watch the video to know how they work.

I love the use of technology that consolidates the the sense of being part of the Nescafé community as much as I admire the will to please the customers reproducing also the almost-non-sense part of the experience one can have in a n ordinary coffee shop [I’m referring to the the mispelled name part], on the other hand highlighting the supposedly annoying part of it. The tone of voice is perfect, it make the advertising campaign studied for the launch more catchy, don’t you think?

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