Adventurous as a pencil

Volkswagen have had a great idea for one of their latest advertising campaigns. In order to launch their brand new SUV range and to inspire their target audience, the automotive brand have written four breathtaking travel stories that would spark the envy of anyone. But, surprisingly, those amazing stories are nothing more than the journey of four ordinary objects: a paper clip, a disposable lighter, a coin, and a pencil.

Volkswagen, creating the advertising campaign to focus on promoting their SUV range, have aimed to motivate their potential clients to be more adventurous and to follow their travel instincts. To reach this goal, the brand have published a series of four print ads, each of them telling the exciting journey of a very common object and poking fun at the sedentary lives of the readers.

In fact, as one can easily notice reading the following stories, the paper clip abandoned in the corner of my desk, the disposable lighter forgotten in my coat pocket, the coin dropped in the fold of the couch or the pencil that I used yesterday to take notes during a meeting, each of them – at least potentially – have had a more interesting life than both me and you put together.

Telling their journeys, I’m quite sure that Volkswagen have made the majority of us want to travel more, to be more adventurous. So, excellent creativity, interesting example of focusing on experience to communicate the brand values, fantastic choice for the tone of voice [so sharp and allusive], but I’m not sure if any of the readers are going to have a look at the SUV range. Just saying. Anyway, take a few minutes to enjoy the storytelling, it’s worth it!

Volkswagen - ad - paper clip

Volkswagen - ad - disposable lighter

Volkswagen - ad - coin

Volkswagen - ad - pencil

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