IKEA - blue bag

Ode to the IKEA blue bag

On Friday I will celebrate the second official anniversary of my move to the UK. Official because the 9th of February 2016 I received the key to my first English home, but I was already set in Oxford from the 11th of January that year and I’d spent 4 out of 12 months of 2015 living here. In order to solemnise all that happened back then and to summarise these two years of new daily life, I’d like to virtually make a toast to one of the most important things when you move: the IKEA blue bag.

As the following advertising campaign well describes, IKEA blue bag is “the most hardworking bag in the world”: it’s functional, capacious, comfortable, indestructible. With it, you can carry whatever you need to, from furniture to food, from detergents to clothes or books, everything finds space in the blue bag. And I can’t express it better than IKEA does with this commercial. 🙂


I wish everybody lots of IKEA blue bags full of everything you desire. Cheers!

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