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Love vs Mobile

Technology, devices, and smartphones in particular are extremely important today and they allow us to stay open and closer to the rest of the world, they ease our life in a variety of ways and multiply endlessly our possibility to communicate with others. Nevertheless we should keep in mind that these tools can also be used in the wrong way, causing negative effects in our life. Here are two examples by Telefonica of troubling situations involving mobile phones and related to love. With my wish for a Happy Valentine Day! 😉

Telefonica, in different periods of time, have created two advertising campaigns both related to a different aspect of the complex relationship between love and the use of smartphones. The first commercial has the aim to underline the potential loss of intimacy that a mobile phone can cause in a couple if at least one of the partners tends to use it too much. In #Relove video, then, this issue is solved thanks to creativity and curiosity in a wonderful warming way. So, it’s possible, don’t give up! 😉


The second advertising campaign that I selected is called “Love story” and it’s also from Telefonica. The commercial is focused on a completely different problem: the fact that online it’s possible to create fake profiles, completely invented. It can happen that behind a nice pic and a thousand charming amazing words shared via chat or social networks there is hidden a person with very different characteristics compared with the ones we have in mind.

The video creates this surprising double misunderstanding that produces the effect of leaving the viewers serene and – despite everything – dissipating the unpleasant sensations they may have felt. Anyway, “Not everyone is who you think they are”, be careful.

I hope this can help someone to consider every aspect of the technologies we use daily and to avoid their demonisation in favour of a more conscious use. Happy Valentine’s Day

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