Aldi - advertising campaign

Don’t waste your time

Aldi, the gigantic supermarket chain, communicates with their potential customers in an entertaining way, stressing the commitment of the brand to let them experience a “no frill shopping with amazing quality and low prices”. I’ve discovered an advertising campaign from some months ago that – in my opinion – summarises particularly well Aldi’s brand promise, it’s called “Good Different”.

Aldi’s supermarkets have the aim to build up a sort of simplified experience for each customer, lowering the number of brands exposed on the shelves but guaranteeing high quality and affordability. In the commercial I’ve selected, this goal, this promise to consumers is perfectly synthesised in a powerful visual hyperbole: the endless not-so-different offers in the shelves of a “usual” supermarket. Too much for what should be a banal choice.

Very creative, entertaining and interesting, really centred in expressing the brand promise and well connected to Aldi’s brand experience, even if through a contraposition. And the smile is guaranteed too, don’t you think?

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