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The art of parking

Are you an experienced driver? If so, how would you mark your parking ability? I’m asking because you could be one of the artists [mostly anonymous, I’m afraid] that have been part of the Nissan exhibition in Paris. The well known automotive brand, in fact, a few months ago organised an amazing ambient marketing campaign aimed to launch their new parking assistant system, linking the parking ability with art, literally.

In Paris, one of the cities most famous for exhibiting art everywhere and in every form, Nissan have presented their brand new technology to help drivers during the parking maneuvers. To make the message strong, clear and appealing, the brand have had the idea of connecting art and park reconceptualising the signs of bad parking attitudes and practices and transforming them into pieces of art, with gorgeous frames and all.

Other than around the Parisian streets, the art works have been part of a magnificient exhibition hosted by La Gaîté Lyrique entitled “The Dying Art of Parking”. And unexpectedly – considering the nature of the art – Nissan sold a number of the “sculptures” and “paintings” on Ebay. Watch the video if you don’t believe it.

Fantastic use of lateral thinking and creativity. I can just add I hope they’ll repeat this astonishing ambient marketing initiative somewhere close because I’d love to visit the exhibition. Wouldn’t you?

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