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Don’t forget the online channels

How would you link a passion for meatballs with online visibility? Eniro reached this goal creating an inspiring advertising campaign. They have amazingly used the storytelling approach in order to gain the full attention of their audience and their empathy. Watch the video to see the full story.

“Passion takes you far, we take you further”. This is the headline of Eniro’s advertising campaign. It comes at the end of a very enjoyable and almost moving storytelling about Carl who, since he was a toddler, has had a passion for cooking and for meatballs in particular.

The inspiring and motivational commercial – more an action of brand entertainment than a “simple” campaign – lets us follow the process that brings Carl to perfect his own meatballs’ recipe and to set up his own restaurant. But the opening day isn’t what anyone would expect and wish for Carl…


It’s in this way that Eniro have been able to link the passion for meatballs with the importance of online visibility: creating a deep empathy between the audience and Carl, sharing a story of incredible passion and tenacity, building up enthusiasm and great expectations of success; then, suddenly, letting everything fall down miserably in a moment with the sentence “O dear, seems that someone forgot to be visible online!. Dramatic and hyperbolic, but not as devastating as it should be in reality, so possible to solve.

A fantastic way to transmit the urgency of absolutely thinking about the online strategy for every new business, but avoiding the risk of leaving the viewer with a bad feeling to process, don’t you think?

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