Glasgow School of Art - social campaign

Transform problems into opportunities

This is an amazing story of how one can transform a terrible event into an opportunity. After the fire destroyed the iconic library of Glasgow School of Art everyone was shocked, but no one lost hope to rebuild it. They have found a perfect way to raise funds while showing the amazing importance and power of creativity.

A School of Art is a place where creativity is used to answer the needs of society through design and different perspectives. The one in Glasgow has been a landmark of that for over 120 years even when a fire burned almost all the contents of the famous library.

The School decided to involve 25 leading British artists, sending them some charred fragments of the library and asking them to transform those into art works. The “Ash to Art” project has been a success: from Martin Boyce to Anish Kapoor, from Antony Gormley to Grayson Perry and Alison Watt, the participation was huge… and the results too, thanks to the auction of the pieces of art and over 700 thousand pounds collected. Have a look to the video.

A fantastic and engaging social campaign, don’t you think?

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