MatsumotoKiyoshi - packaging

Be cool buying toilet paper

Going around carrying a giant package of toilet paper can – for some – be embarrassing, especially in Japan. The MatsumotoKiyoshi company rushed to the rescue of those who did not feel at ease carrying toilet paper, inventing and launching on the market the first cool toilet paper packaging.

Considering how embarrassing it is for Japanese people – and not just for them – buying toilet paper, MatsumotoKiyoshi have decided to take as a mission the aim to change the perception related to this product. The goal was to transform toilet paper into a cool object, a trendy “must have” to carry around. They have succeeded in creating four different inspiring packaging.

MatsumotoKiyoshi - packaging

The layouts of the packages don’t try to hide the content, but just to give it a more ironic and graceful look adding a touch of colour and some style. Amazing, isn’t it?

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