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Attitude is important

“The Give-a-Care Collection” is a line of products created by Rethink Breast Cancer, an association that aims to support women when they are diagnosed with breast cancer. All the gift ideas have been created to help the people around those women to show their support in a more sensitive and understanding way.

Rethink Breast Cancer have always been aware of how difficult it is to know – or even guess – what to do when someone one knows gets breast cancer. With the aim to assist those people in being effectively supportive with their beloved in this hard to face situation, they “asked women with breast cancer what they didn’t need” in order to discover their real needs.

As a result, they created “The Give-a-Care Collection”, a line of products that Rethink Breast Cancer describe as “the first line of products for young women with breast cancer, that actually understands young women with breast cancer. Each product helps treat both the physical and emotional side effects of treatment, and actually helps her through the hard days ahead.”

A touching, inspiring and sensitive way to face a problem. And I love that touch of cynical sarcasm that Rethink Breast Cancer have mixed with the positive and fierce attitude they suggest with each product. What do you think ?

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