Hälssen & Lyon - direct marketing campaign

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Hälssen & Lyon describe themselves as a brand that “since 1879 […] has been crafting the finest teas for clients all over the world”. Keen believers in innovation, one of their latest missions was to attract a new group of potential clients: the fashion addicts. To achieve this goal, Hälssen & Lyon have created a charming direct marketing campaign and a stunning, incredible and surprising new collection of teabags, each one inspired by one of the world’s most iconic handbags.

The Teabag Collection is something unbelievably original, but capable to represent – at the same time – the power of inspiration that just the fashion heritage can express. To be able to realise this project, Hälssen & Lyon have worked with a well known handbag designer, Ayzit Bostan. The result is the realisation of five limited edition tea-handbags, each one inspired by a different fashion-oriented influencer and designed to fit the personality of the brew.

That was the debut of five black tea blends: a direct marketing campaign with a heritage soul in which each teabag has been handcrafted with cordless silk and permeable cotton, then packaged in a hand-made box and sent to a famous fashion addict. Needless to add the campaign has been a success.

Hälssen & Lyon - direct marketing campaign

Amazing idea and impeccable performance, don’t you think?

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