Project GramGram - advertising campaign

Your Grandma would love this

Today it seems always more difficult to keep in touch with people who don’t use online tools. Project GramGram is an initiative to help everyone to keep in touch with people that aren’t on social networks, focused especially on elderly people and – in particular – grandmas. Are you curious?

The idea of Project GramGram is to connect your Facebook and others social networks with the GramGram service in order to transform each status update in a “real mail” that would be sent directly to the addressee’s mailbox, such as your grandma. Grandma, then, would receive it in three to five business days, she would be able to interact with the post liking and commenting on it and send it back to you. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Fantastic to avoid cyber-silence and guilt. Even better if used jointly with calls and visits, don’t you think? If all this is true, today, thanks to GramGram, you can finally become your grandma’s favourite grandchild. If it isn’t, that’s a great ironic social campaign, one of the best I’ve seen. 😉

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