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Gardening and slang

Do you love gardening? I don’t have a garden, but I like spending some time on my balcony planting seeds and aromatic herbs in order to have a hint of Italian aromas nearby, at least in summer. Now I’ve discovered that there is a whole world behind gardening and I’m not just referring to the practical activity one can perform or the ability one can achieve, but to the language, the specific items of vocabulary one needs to know.

Gardening has its space in the official dictionaries, common or technical words used to refer and express almost all that’s needed when people are talking or writing about gardens and similar stuff. And, as in every other language area, there are some words or expressions that aren’t part of the official dictionary, but just slang terms used in daily life.

Lawn Doctor has launched a serial audiovisual branded content to spread those important pieces of gardening knowledge: “The Suburban Dictionary”.

“The Suburban Dictionary” is an interesting experiment of serial brand entertainment created by Lawn Doctor. The project started in February and the video series will run until mid-summer.

The branded content is made up of mini-clips of 15” in which a word of the suburban dictionary is presented, defined and shown in use thanks to a couple of video-slides. The concept is interesting, especially for those that are approaching gardening for the first time or who don’t have lots of experience; the curiosity, that the appealing – even if very simple – idea can create, can lead viewers to the other contents proposed by Lawn Doctor such as tutorials and from there to their franchise.

Have a look at some of the videos and see for yourself the results of this creative and very smart way to renew a brand active since the 1967.

Is the USA suburban dictionary used by Brits too? What’s different? Let me know 😉

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