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Recycling is fundamental and everybody is trying to find a solution especially for those occasions in which plastic is still used too much. Supermarkets should be the first concern because of all the plastic packaging still used there, in particular in the fruits and veggies area. FEEDitBaG is an alternative to the thin plastic bag used in that supermarket area.

In order to diminish the plastic involved in buying fruits and vegetables, a new concept of bag was born. FEEDitBAG is a 100% bio-degradable bag with a little surprise that comes with it. Other than being completely made of material based on renewable resources, other than being printed with water based colours, other than taking just 10 days to completely compost, that bag brings a gift with it: integrated seeds that allow the users to grow their own food. Have a look at the video for more details.

So, just using FEEDitBAG instead of the thin plastic plastc bag to collect fruits and veggies at the supermarket, not only one can we reduce plastic waste, but we would also be able to “give something back to nature”. Fantastic, isn’t it?

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