People that match houses [Re/Max]

The real estate world is one that should be able to support people and companies in finding properties that can meet their needs and their work or life style. Re/Max have launched a multi-subject and multi-platform advertising campaign in order to underline their ability to find properties that are the right match for the potential buyer.

Even in the real estate sector it is possible – as well as necessary – to create and show to the target-customers what is on offer, the competitive advantage and the value added of each agency.
In the USA as everywhere, there are agencies that are specialised in renting and others focused on buying and selling; agencies that have chosen to meet just students’ specific needs and the ones that want to attract a wider range of customers’ demographic. The very important thing is being able to communicate one’s characterisation, positioning, targets and brand values.

Re/Max and their worldwide network of 115,000 real estate agents, having been defined as the n° 5 by Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® survey and ranking, have created an advertising campaign to outline – and in a certain way explain – their success.–NGm0

The campaign is affected as ironic and presents three different types of potential home seekers with the same language and words choice as if they were houses. Doing that, the brand uses their targeted clients as a personification of the perfect property for them.

Then, the headline does the rest and stating “The Re/Max agents are the most recommended because they recommend what’s right for you” it clarifies the message for the viewer pointing on one hand the experience of the real estate agents working for the brand, and on the other hand the personalised service they offer to buyers and sellers.

A well designed advertising campaign, don’t you think?

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