Benjamin Moore - advertising campaign

Obsessed with colour

Benjamin Moore, one of the best known brands of paint in the USA, have created and launched a fascinating print advertising campaign in which colours, paints and their qualities are the protagonists even if they don’t appear. And they don’t appear at all.

Benjamin Moore, in creating this advertising campaign, probably started from the fact that, when it comes to DIY and renovation, it becomes impossible not to be obsessed with colours: especially if you think about the colours of the walls of a house.

The colours of a room’s house are part of the atmosphere, they are something with which the owners have to share their space, their moods, their lives. Because of that, for them it becomes fundamental to be sure about colours, selecting and picking them with care, trusting their quality and the fact that the chosen nuance will be the same that was in their head and won’t fade.

Considering all those elements, Benjamin Moore have had a marvellous idea: to conceive a campaign able to strongly communicate their attention and competence regarding colour print and spread it through the printed press. And what else could be more powerful and impactful than a black and white page in a magazine full of stunning colours? The result is appealing yet very “corporate”.

Benjamin Moore - advertising campaign

“Obsessed with colours” is a very sharp way to show the potential audience uniqueness and performances of a product without showing the product itself. A minimal but insightful idea, don’t you think?

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