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New media: the “Pax it” button [IKEA]

IKEA have had their umpteenth idea and have individuated the umpteenth new media to use for advertising. “Pax it” is one of the latest IKEA online campaigns, the one that has transformed the shopping cart button of WeAre ecommerce on the most clicked banner of all times. Don’t you believe me, continue reading, then! 🙂

IKEA were looking for a way to present and promote their PAX wardrobe system and its characteristics, one for all its endless possibilities to be expanded with additional modules, a must for each fashion-addicted individual, the ones for whom the wardrobe’s space is never enough. Instead of simply putting a banner on highly visited online shops, IKEA have decided to surprise the targeted consumers.

So, they set up a partnership with WeAre.de, one of the most important streetwear shops in Germany, obtaining the opportunity of replacing their shopping chart icon with a Pax wardrobe. The most incredible part of the story consists of the fact that the more clothes the WeAre customer would buy and place in the cart/wardrobe, the more the icon would grow, adding modules to Pax and showing its adaptability. After that surprising change in their routine, the customer would proceed to the checkout where an interactive banner would comment on the number of items selected and link directly to IKEA’s website with an online Pax planner.


IKEA, thoughtful, creative and attentive to the smallest detail… and button. Ingenious, don’t you think?

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