McDonald's - advertising campaign

1st July is moving day in Quebec

In Quebec the 1st of July is going to be celebrated “Moving Day”, the day dedicated to move into a new house or renovate the existing one. In fact a sort of national break to perform DIY. Last year, in order to participate in this peculiar event, McDonald’s ideated a dedicated advertising campaign with visuals recalling the occasion.

McDonald’s are often seeking to create empathy with their potential customers and so being involved in their experiences. Then, with the aim to contribute to celebrating Quebec’s Moving Day, they have created and launched an advertising campaign able to be associated with the occasion thanks to the symbols included in the visuals.

As painting and decorating is often associated with removals, the brand have decided to use one of the most known icons of painting in their ads recreating McDonald’s popular products using paint swatches. Have a look at the results, they are kind of artistic, aren’t they?

McDonald's - advertising campaign

A very smart idea, considering that removals and renovations are also associated with lack of desire or impossibility to cook in the house, don’t you think? 😉

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