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Appliances and cardboard furniture

Because of the recent recession, the increasing number of single households and the rise of house prices, in Korea more often young people are living in small studios of a maximum of 28 sqm. Those people need to optimise the use of space but also to avoid not being able to show their style, so Himade have had the idea to launch a line of appliances dedicated to them.

Considering the lifestyle of most of Korean single households and their commitment to fashion and trends, other than their attention to convenience and flexibility, in order to satisfy their need to refurbish their home quickly without spending too much money, Himade have imagined and produced Boxtem, a special line of home appliances for this target.

Every product of this line shows a minimalist yet appealing design with great attention to detail and functionality. In fact, even the cardboard packaging of these products are useful: they have been designed as up-cycling projects that can be practically utilised to furnish and decorate the house.

Stylish home appliances and new life for the cardboard pack usually thrown away: a perfect solution, donโ€™t you think?

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