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Bad days, healthy walks

Having a walk of at least 30 minutes per day is very important to stay fit and healthy: it alone can reduce the risk of heart attack by 20%. In order to stress and imprint this fundamental concept in people’s minds, FFC – French Federation of Cardiology have created and launched a social campaign targeted especially for women.

FFC aims to push French people, and women in particular, to change their everyday routine into one that includes a walk or some movement on foot, so they can “collect” the 30 minutes walking per day that allows everyone to lower the risk of having a heart attack. To achieve this goal they have the idea of a video representing the unlucky day of a woman, that is otherwise optimistically a very lucky day for her heart.


In conclusion, Friday is the 13th, but for the other days you are on your own 😉
P.S. Maybe, choose another kind of shoes for your walk! 😀

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