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Make room for passions and friends [IKEA]

Holidays are over, for almost everyone. In a few weeks’ time, the entire autumn routine will be in place again. I’m going to borrow one of the IKEA advertising campaigns as a memo in order not to forget to make room for passions and friends even in the busiest period of the year. This is the right thing to do, I promise! 🙂

IKEA have created an advertising campaign with the aim of metaphorically promoting the opportunity that their products and solutions give to their customers in organising and furnishing their homes, not only considering style, design and functionality, but also being able to completely enjoy every inch of their home. “Make room for…” is composed of a series of amazing commercials able, using storytelling, to express some of the possibilities one can have thanks to the flexibility of IKEA furniture. Enjoy the videos.



The metaphor works very well and all the positive emotions – such as freedom, amusement, commitment – are associated with the brand in a very entertaining way, not losing an opportunity to highlight the peculiar characteristics of the furnishing accessories present in the scenes. Empathetic and endearing, don’t you think?

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