Have a good pic or another holiday

Transavia have had a very powerful idea, play with the importance of having great pictures of every holiday. Focusing on that they have created a contest and an advertising campaign with the aim to promote their flights, but also to underline that there is the possibility of having more traveling experiences to photograph, even going back to the same places, according to the brand’s low prices.

Transavia have used a great dose of lateral thinking and express all their creativity ideating an inspiring advertising campaign and contest strategy. They asked their potential clients to share bad pictures of their trips, the ones with a finger in front of the camera lens, or where the subjects are blurry, or where improbable characters appear in the background… and make them useful. Sharing that kind of pics, in fact, they could win another flight to the same location where the bad photo was taken.


Those photo shots, then, have become an inspiration for the launch of an advertising campaign focused on promoting the very competitive prices of Transavia flights. Have a look and watch for yourself!

Transavia - advertising campaign

Powerful idea, considering that highlighting prices making the message appealing can be quite hard. Well done, don’t you think?

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