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Whatever you need, Amazon

In Spring and Autumn I usually feel that the house is in need of reorganisation. It should be because I have to swap clothes and shoes in order to get ready for the winter season, so everything seems to be in the wrong place. And there is always something missing: a box, a bulb, a certain tool… But now, fortunately, we have Amazon which, via one of their latest advertising campaigns, promises to provide “Everything you need from A to Z”!

This Amazon advertising campaign is particularly interesting because it can be seen as a sort of brand’s didactic analysis. The starting point to be considered is that the trademark of each organisation should be able to visually synthesise the essence of a brand, its brand values, its competitive advantage and values added, possibly referring to the market sector or core activity of the organisation.

The Amazon trademark, in fact, is composed of two important elements:

  • a logotype: the word Amazon, the name of the company, written with a personalised sans serif font
  • a symbol that can be seen as a vector that starts from the letter A of the company’s name and points to the letter Z of the logo’s lettering; this arrow can also be seen as a big smile

Thanks to these elements, Amazon is able to express the brand promise: it is a brand that amazes you [company name] and makes you happy [smile] allowing you to search, find and bring to you [arrow] everything [from A to Z] you need. In brief “Everything you need from A to Z”, as stated by the headline of the advertising campaign.

To strengthen and underline this concept, the logo animation is shown at the end of the commercials. Other than that, the concept is explained by the representation of a series of daily and hilarious situations with the respective Amazon solution, the object to buy. In every video, the name of the needed object is put in a search box stressing the first letter of it “S stands for…” in order to create a link among the scene, the object, the headline and the trademark, so making the message very explicit . AMAZing, don’t you think?

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